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Colombian Butt lifting Jean - Simetria

Ref. 362 -2002 Azul
$34.90 USD
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Product description

  • Jeans with back Pockets: The Back pockets enhance your figure and make your body look more voluminous
  • Tres Botones: Tres Botones
  • Destroyed Jeans: a fashion statement for young people, this style of Jeans appear destroyed but are not actually damaged
  • Nuevo: Nuevo
  • High rise Jeans: The high-waisted jean can exceed the navel area, it is very comfortable because they sit well and refine the waist while giving the sensation of lengthening the legs
  • Pretina Corazon : Pretina Corazon
  • Flare Jeans: This type of pants is tighter at the top and opens into a bell at the bottom, covering the entire foot. It is associated with the style of the 70s

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